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A couple of passengers in an SUV took an early morning fall off an I-4 overpass.

After being hit by a car while headed east on I-4 near Kaley Ave. in Orlando, the white Jeep went over the side to the road below. The report came in about 6 a.m. that an SUV crashed down to Kaley Ave. below.

Police say a yellow Chevy Camaro hit the jeep, and also a Ford Escape. The driver of the Camaro, a 47-year-old, did not have life threatening injuries. The 33-year-old driver of the Jeep was reported to be in stable condition. The driver of the Ford was not injured.

The investigation continues. Check out the video below from a gas station’s surveillance camera.

Surveillance video captures vehicle falling from I-4 onto road below

Hudson from Kaley Mobil provided FOX 35 with a surveillance video showing a vehicle falling from Interstate 4, onto Kaley Street, resulting in serious injuri...


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