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Midtown Tampa is still growing, and the latest announcement is a big one for those who live in the area.

Have you shopped at Whole Foods before?

The announced date for opening the Midtown location of Whole Foods: July 7, 2021. The 48,000-square-foot store will feature a full-service seafood counter, their well-known prepared food section and organic produce (including local Tampa and Miami-based suppliers) The Whole Foods full-service butcher cuts steaks and poultry to order, plus the store offers an amazing variety of cheeses.

They will have nearly 200 beers, including favorites from local breweries. The bakery department offers custom cakes and special diet options. They also carry wellness and beauty products, some of which come from local suppliers.

Whole Foods, owned by Amazon, will also donate $5,000 to the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger to help give back to the Tampa Bay community.

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