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In an event that doesn’t happen often, PCSO was able to save a perform a water rescue of a person, then a boat that was caught on video.

There was a report of a person in the water off Pass-A-Grill. Officials were able to safely get the person from the water. That led to the next step, which was wrangling a boat that was in an uncontrolled circle not far from Pass-A-Grill Beach.

Deputies were able to use their training to catch up with the boat and stop it. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office posted the story to their Facebook page. Check out the video.

SO21-258299 - Water Rescue

Teamwork by air, land, and sea!Yesterday, we received reports of a subject in the water after being thrown from their vessel off of Pass A Grill. The Marine & Environmental Lands Unit, in coordination with the Flight Unit and deputies on the beach, was able to quickly rescue the subject who was treading water approximately a half mile offshore. Once he was safe, the focus shifted to his runaway vessel that was circling dangerously close to Pass A Grill beach. Utilizing their training, marine deputies were able to match the speed of the runaway vessel, board it, and regain control. While teamwork and good training fortunately helped bring this dangerous situation to a safe conclusion, if you're operating a vessel remember to wear your life jacket and utilize an engine cut-off switch or "kill cord" to prevent runaway vessels.

Posted by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, September 15, 2021


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