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Another $1 million Florida lottery scratch-off ticket was found in Tampa Bay, but he didn’t tell his wife.

36-year-old Joseph Bozeman of Plant City was the winner of that $1 million. He claimed the first $1 million top prize from the new “50X The Cash” game, which was launched January 17. The game launched with 12 top prizes available.

Bozeman purchased the ticket at the Walden Lake Food Mart, 2710 South Turkey Creek Road in Plant City. He claimed his winnings at the Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. He took the lump sum of $820,000. The store will receive a $2,000 commission.

He told the Florida Lottery:

“I haven’t even told my wife yet. I’m going to surprise her by walking into our house with this oversized check and when she doesn’t believe me – I’m going to tell her to check our bank account!’

Joseph Bozeman - Florida Lottery Winner

(Photo Courtesy of Florida Lottery)

"50X THE CASH" - $1 Million Winner For Josepeh Bozeman

(Photo Courtesy of Florida Lottery)

The “50X The Cash” game is a $5 scratch-off ticket with prizes ranging from $5 to $1 million. There are still 11 top prizes available.

[Source: Florida Lottery]

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