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The university had narrowed down their options, and now they’ve made a decision.

The USF Bulls have played their home games at Raymond James Stadium since their inception. It has been a goal for years for the university to build a stadium closer to their campus. Now we know two answers: where and when they plan to have it built.

The site on which the stadium is now planned to be built is in the northeast corner of the campus. The stadium will be just south of USF Holly Drive and to the west of USF Sycamore Drive.

You can see the site in the map below.

There has already been a $5 million donation toward the building of the stadium by Frank and Carol Morsani. Though construction has not yet begun, nor a budget for the project, there are already plans for when the stadium is expected to open.

There are two timelines for the opening of the new stadium. Timeline #1 has the stadium opening in time for the 2026 football season. There’s also a timeline #2 that has the stadium completed in time for the 2027 season. Either way, the university sees building the stadium as a priority for the progress of their athletic program. Already in progress is the construction of an indoor training facility which will be near the football stadium.

[Source: TBBJ]

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