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As it turns out, rain delayed this project, but here’s what will happen once a new date is scheduled. Unfortunately, for those who will deal with a road closure on State Road 56 in Pasco County, this will be a bit of a pain. However, it’s only for a few days.

New dates to come as soon as FDOT announces them

If you’re ready for the road closure and can plan around it, you’ll save yourself a great deal of drivers’ frustration. Beginning Friday, April 1 at about 11 p.m., State Road 56 will be closed over I-75. Anyone needing to get across that overpass will need to find another way, such as taking State Road 54.

In order to change the configuration of the transitions from I-75 to State Road 56 (in other words, the ramps), the project needs the road to be closed. It’s only for a few days, so don’t let it get your blood pressure raised too much. The road is supposed to re-open Sunday afternoon.

Eastbound State Road 56 drivers will be able to turn south on to I-75. Drivers going north on I-75 will be allowed to exit to the east onto State Road 56.

The result of this project will be what is called a diverging diamond. It will help to eliminate “contact points” between opposing lanes of traffic. Here’s the statement from the Florida Department of Transportation with full explanation of the road closures and detours.

[Source: ABC Action News]

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