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It shouldn’t matter where a ticket is purchased, but Publix seems to sell a lot of them, and therefore a lot of winners. One sold in Mulberry created another Florida Lottery millionaire.

46-year-old Allison Greschuk of Lakeland purchased her ticket at Publix. She bought a ‘500X The Cash’ scratch-off ticket and revealed a $1 million winner. ‘500X The Cash’ is a $50 game that features a top prize of $25 million.

She claimed her winnings at the Lottery’s Tampa District Office as a lump sum of $820,000. The Publix store, located at 2040 Shepherd Road in Mulberry, will receive a $2,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

One of ‘500X The Cash’ $25 million top prizes was found, but there’s still another one waiting to be scratched. There are, however, 114 of 160 $1 million prizes still available to be won. Not to shabby, if you have the $50 to lay down on a lottery ticket.

Here’s what Allison Greschuk’s winning ticket looks like.

5-20-2022 500X THE CASH - Allison Greschuk

(Photo Courtesy of Florida Lottery Communications)

[Source: Florida Lottery]

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