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One of the fastest growing chains in the country, Walk-Ons’ next Tampa Bay location will soon be open for business.

As we posted previously, Walk-Ons Sports Bistreaux is a Louisiana style-themed eatery. It was started by Brandon Landry and Jack Warner who were teammates playing basketball for LSU. As the company grew, it took on Drew Brees as a co-owner.

Locations in the Tampa area that are already open include stores in Lakeland and Wesley Chapel. Now, there’s a new location soon to open in Tampa’s Midtown shopping and residential district. They plan on opening on Monday, June 20th.

The first location for Walk-Ons Sports Bistreaux opened in September of 2003 not far from Louisiana State University. Today, they have locations in 12 states with more locations to be opened.

Click here to see a menu for Walk-Ons.

Drew Brees

Walk-Ons co-owner Drew Brees
(Josh Brasted/Getty Images for Crown Royal)

[Source: Midtown Tampa]

Florida Cities Featured In Top Places To Live In The U.S.

  • #137 Miami

    Surprised that Miami was the worst ranked of all the Florida cities that made the list? Miami didn’t rank so well in the job market index. However, they did do well in schools and crime.


    (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

  • #118 Orlando

    Orlando also didn’t do so well in the job market index, however, it did very well in crime and schools. It also can be a pricey place to make home.

    Walt Disney World Resort

    (Photo by Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images)

  • #113 Lakeland

    Lakeland didn’t do so well in the job market index, and the schools weren’t ranked highly, but the city was very strong in their crime rating. It’s also among the fastest growing places.

  • #110 Tallahassee

    There was no one category that stood out, but the job market, crime stats and schools all were better than the national average.

  • #100 Ft. Myers

    Ft. Myers is among the best places to retire, and one of the safest places. It didn’t do so well in the jobs category or or schools category.

  • #91 Ocala

    Ocala is among the faster growing cities. The jobs and schools weren’t ranked so high, but the crime rate was low.

  • #78 Port St. Lucie

    Port St. Lucie is tanked in the top 10 of best ‘places to retire’, ‘safest places’ and ‘fastest-growing places’ in Florida.

  • #68 Delray Beach

    Another town among the ‘best places to retire’ and ‘fastest growing’, it’s also a safe city.

  • #44 Pensacola

    The city up on the Florida panhandle has a moderate job market, pretty good schools and a low crime level,

  • #39 Tampa

    Tampa has a better than average job market, a well-above-average school system and a pretty high safety ranking. They did include the Tampa Bay area.


    (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

  • #24 Jacksonville

    Above the national average in jobs, schools and safety, Jacksonville squeaked into the top #25.

  • #20 Melbourne

    Melbourne ranked as one of the top places to retire, but it is also ranked highly with an above-average job market, schools and safety .

  • #12 Naples

    Ranked as the #2 place to retire, Naples has an adequate school system, a job market that is about on par with the national average, and is one of the safest places on the list.

  • #9 Sarasota

    US News’ top place to live in Florida, and it’s among the nation’s best places to live. Sarasota is the top place to retire, better than average schools, one of the safest places, and a job market that’s about even with the national average.

  • The Top 5 In The Country

    #5 – San Jose, California
    #4 – Boulder, Colorado
    #3 – Green Bay, Wisconsin
    #2 – Colorado Springs, Colorado
    #1 – Huntsville, Alabama

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