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In an effort to avoid being offensive to Native Americans, pro and school team’s nicknames and mascots are being changed. One of the latest feeling pressure to make a change is a Tampa high school.

George D. Chamberlain High School, located at North Blvd. and Busch Blvd. in Tampa has a large ‘Chiefs’ logo with full headdress in the school’s green and gold colors. The school opened in 1956.

Nationwide, there are about 2,000 schools with Native American mascots. The Hillsborough County School District has left it up to the schools’ student governments to handle making decisions on the matter.

CHS Entrance

Entrance into Chamberlain High School
(Photo By Lorrie D./BBGI)

Some school and pro programs that have changed their mascots include:

  • North Dakota Fighting Hawks were formerly the “Fighting Sioux”
  • Arkansas State Red Wolves were formerly the “Indians”
  • NFL’s Washington Commanders were formerly the “Redskins”
  • MLB’s Cleveland Guardians were former the “Indians”


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