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While trying to serve a warrant on a man, sheriff deputies were led on a slow-speed lawn mower chase.

It happened in Okaloosa County
. The 40-year-old man was sought after for several warrants. When deputies arrived at his home, they ordered him to stop and get on the ground.

Instead of complying, the Florida man tried to flee on a riding lawn mower. Deputies were able to follow on foot. A taser was used to get the man into custody. When searched, deputies reportedly found a handgun, a handcuff key and drug paraphernalia.

The Okaloosa County man faces a number of charges. Those charges include: grand theft of a vehicle, resisting an officer and possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon, among others. According to News Channel 8, the man was being held without bond.

[Source: News Channel 8]

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