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Two Clearwater women are facing felony charges for a glitter attack on a man. According to police, what happened?

The two women were identified by the Clearwater Police Department as Kaitlin O’Donavan and Sarah Franks. Reports say they went to a man’s apartment at 3 a.m. and began arguing with him. As he stood on his balcony, one of women climbed onto the balcony. Each threw a container of glitter at him.

The woman who climbed to the balcony entered the apartment and opened the front door for the other woman to enter. While inside, more containers of glitter were thrown at the man.

When the women left the property, they were tracked by their vehicle, which also had glitter found inside. Each of the women were arrested and face charges of felony burglary with assault or battery. One of the women also faces charges of misdemeanor criminal mischief for kicking a window, causing it to break.

[Source: News Channel 8]

Top 10 States People Are Leaving to Move To Florida

How many can you guess before peeking? I’ll bet you know #1, but #2 might surprise you! These statistics come to us from the U.S. Census. These are the top ten states people left in 2019 to move to Florida.

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